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For computing power in the field, a rugged tablet can deliver more mobility, higher versatility and greater protection than a rugged laptop. A lightweight rugged tablet lets your mobile workforce more easily use their devices anywhere – in a car, touring a jobsite, operating a forklift or navigating the tight dimensions of a crawlspace. A ruggedized tablet is also easier to protect that a rugged laptop, thanks to a smaller form factor and fewer moving parts.

When looking for ruggedized tablets to replace your rugged laptops, Comark provides leading options for tablets as well as a wide range of computer and display solutions. With an impeccable track record and more than 40 years' experience designing solutions for the harshest conditions on the planet, Comark delivers the proven reliability and innovative technology your workforce needs to stay connected and productive.

Benefits of a rugged tablet vs. rugged laptop

When you take a moment to compare the advantages and disadvantages of a rugged handheld computer vs. a rugged laptop, the winning solution quickly becomes apparent.

  • Speed and performance. This is the one area where a rugged laptop inevitably outperforms a rugged tablet. Laptops tend to have faster CPUs for higher performance.
  • Protection from water and dust. On the whole, rugged tablets will have higher IP ratings than rugged laptops, as their smaller form factor with fewer moving pieces makes them easier to protect.
  • Mobility in the field. Weighing is much as 4x less than a rugged laptop, a rugged mobile tablet is easier to carry and, as a handheld device, can be used in a much wider variety of locations.
  • Flexible mounting. A rugged tablet can be easily mounted to a vehicle, an industrial machine and many other surfaces, while a rugged laptop will offer fewer options.
  • More ways to input data. With a multitouch screen, a tablet makes it easy to input data using touch, a stylus or an onscreen or attached keyboard. Workers can interact with a rugged tablet while wearing gloves, which is not possible with a rugged laptop.
  • Longer battery life. Requiring less power than a rugged laptop computer, a rugged tablet may last longer between charges. And with hot-swappable battery options, a rugged tablet can provide continuous power in the field.
  • Cost of ownership. Rugged laptops are inevitably more expensive then their rugged tablet counterparts. And higher IP ratings may enable rugged tablets to last longer, reducing total cost of ownership.
  • Integrated data capture technologies. Cameras, barcode readers and other data capture technologies can be integrated into a rugged tablet, rather than requiring workers to carry external devices for their ruggedized laptop.

Rugged Mobility Solutions

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Comark delivers leading rugged tablets and PDAs

More than 40 years, Comark has been providing ruggedized computer and display applications built to work reliably in harsh environments. Offering off-the-shelf and custom engineered solutions, we combine an impeccable track record of reliability with design excellence and lean manufacturing processes that deliver rugged technologies with world-class quality.

For companies seeking the power of a rugged laptop in a rugged tablet solution, we offer two products: the COMARK-8 with an 8" screen and the COMARK-10 with a 9.7" screen. Both tablets feature a sleek design that blurs the industrial-consumer divide, and are built on a common PC architecture that enables companies to use Windows, Android or Linux operating systems. An ergonomic design and impact-resistant case enable mobile workers to easily carry these rugged tablets anywhere and rely on them for exceptional performance even in the harshest environments.

We also offer two rugged PDAs that provide even higher IP ratings and greater mobility and flexibility for mobile workers.

Key features of Comark ruggedized tablets

Comark rugged tablets are powered by Intel® 1.86GHz quad core processors and provide a PCAP touchscreen with a polarized, anti-glare, anti-fingerprint screen surface that is easily viewed indoors, outdoors and in direct sunlight. Equipped with an 8MP CMOS camera with flash as well as 1D/2D standard and long-range barcode scanners, Comark tablets also provide multiple payment module solutions and radio communication options, including Wi-Fi, 3G and Bluetooth®.

The rugged construction of Comark tablets offers protection from:

  • Vibration: 5~500Hz 1G PTP
  • Temperature: Storage temperatures from -4°F to +149°F (-20°C to +65°C). Operating temperatures from +14°F to +122°F (-10°C to +50°C)
  • Water/dust: IP54 protection from dust, with limited ingress, and protection against water spray from all directions with limited ingress
  • Impact: Can withstand multiple 4-foot drops to concrete
  • Shock: Operating: 30G (11ms), non-operating: 40G (11ms), crash: 50G (11ms)
  • EMI/EMC: FCC class B, CE

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Why choose rugged solutions from Comark?

With a rugged tablet from Comark, you can:

  • Lower your cost of ownership by choosing products with a guaranteed minimum 5-year lifecycle, reducing the cost of purchasing and upgrading equipment over the long run.
  • Get custom-engineered applications designed to your exact specifications, even for low- to mid-volume orders.
  • Trust the quality of our equipment, which is certified in a wide range of industry standards such as FCC, CE and UL to ensure performance and reliability.

FAQs: what is a rugged laptop?

A rugged laptop or tablet is a mobile computing device that is built to withstand the harsh conditions of jobsites where extreme temperatures, shock and vibration, and water, dust, dirt and sand are part of everyday operations.

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Rugged tablet is lighter than a rugged laptop, making it easier to carry throughout a jobsite, and workers can use a rugged tablet without requiring a flat surface. With fewer moving parts, a rugged tablet is easier to protect from water and dirt. The touchscreen on a rugged tablet provides more flexibility for inputting data than a rugged laptop, and the lower cost of a rugged tablet enables companies to achieve a lower total cost of ownership.

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Comark: proven reliability for products you can trust

At Comark, we're committed to manufacturing rugged computers and displays that are designed to work reliably where other machines fail. We continuously invest in research and development to create best-in-class solutions that are at the leading edge of rugged technology, and we have an impeccable track record with a warranty failure rate of 0.5%, ensuring that our products deliver higher uptime levels and lower total cost of ownership for our customers. And with more than 40 years of success in meeting our customers' needs, we have an exceptional reputation for customer satisfaction.

Rugged Mobility Buyer's Guide

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