Rugged military computer solutions from Comark

When it comes to deploying rugged computers and displays, military applications represent some of the harshest and most demanding conditions on the planet. From shock and vibration to extreme environments and electromagnetic interference, rugged military computers must withstand a wide range of challenging conditions while delivering superior performance for mission-critical operations when lives are on the line.

Comark has been a premier provider of customized military grade computer equipment for decades and specializes in designing custom products for challenging environments that meet the exacting requirements and specifications for military technology.

Standards for rugged military computers and displays

Military operations have never been more dependent on superior computing performance. From shipboard applications to airborne technology and ground control equipment, rugged military computers are part of a trend today that is increasingly placing more computing power at the fingertips of military personnel in harsh and dangerous conditions.

To ensure that they can deliver superior performance in these environments, rugged military computers must meet a number of standards and specifications.. Depending on the specific application, rugged military computers and displays must be able to withstand:

  • Shock and vibration from explosive environments, gunfire vibration, rapid acceleration, transport on military vehicles and from use by soldiers in the field.
  • Extreme climate conditions such as high and low temperatures, high humidity, low pressure, exposure to direct sunlight and rain.
  • Particles and liquids including salt spray, dirt, sand and dust.
  • Electromagnetic interference that may cause performance issues or physical damage to electronic equipment.

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Comark: rugged technology for military applications

Comark's military systems are designed with state-of-the-art technology, long-life components and conformal coated electronics, and rigorously tested to ensure the highest levels of performance and reliability. Comark rugged military computers and displays meet the strict performance requirements for a variety of military standards, including: MIL-STD-901-D Shock, MIL-STD-167 Vibration, MIL-STD-461 EMI/EMC and MIL-STD-810 Operating Temperature, Storage Temperature and Humidity.

Rugged military computers, displays and node PCs

Comark rugged military technology includes:

  • Rugged military computers. Comark's certified, MIL-spec MissionVue and EnduraShock™ military panel PC products provide powerful military display/computer combinations and workstations that can be mounted to a panel, rack, bulkhead or VESA mount, with touchscreen options, fanless operation, IP65 level protection and a range of screen sizes.
  • Rugged military displays. Comark provides military LCD displays in a range of screen sizes that are engineered from the ground up to meet stringent MIL-spec requirements including the rigorous Barge and Hammer Impact Tests.

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Benefits of our rugged military computers

Comark rugged military computers enable military IT teams to:

  • Count on powerful, state-of-the-art equipment knowing that it will perform as needed in critical moments and harsh conditions.
  • Rely on the long service life of Comark technology, enabling IT teams to build systems that will last rather than needing to reconfigure systems every few months as technology breaks down or becomes obsolete or unavailable.
  • Access custom solutions that can be uniquely tailored to the requirements of specific applications.

FAQs: what is a rugged military computer?

A rugged military computer is a computing device that is designed to withstand harsh environments and the shock and vibration of battlefield conditions as well as extremes of temperature, air pressure and humidity.

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A rugged military computer will provide superior computing power under conditions where standard PCs and devices will fail. Rugged military monitors and computers enable military operations to put computing power on the field and into the hands of troops on the ground, in the air or at sea, connecting them through networked platforms to deliver mission-critical information and capabilities.

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Comark has long been a premier partner to the military, providing rugged military computers and displays that are uniquely customized to meet demanding specifications while delivering best-in-class reliability, performance and durability. When our standard military computer options are not suitable for a specific application, our engineering team will tailor equipment to detailed application requirements.

Comark is far more than a typical military vendor. As a partner to our military clients, we are highly invested in the performance of our equipment in the field and the success that our products enable our military clients to achieve. We understand the criticality of military schedules and timelines, which is why we work around the clock to meet our client's deadlines.

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