A rugged panel PC provides computing power in challenging conditions

A rugged panel PC is an essential piece of equipment for industrial and manufacturing settings, where extreme temperatures, vibration, shock and humidity would decimate standard business-grade computers. With the right industrial panel PC, employees in these harsh environments can have at their fingertips the computing power they require to work more productively and to enable smooth and continuous operation of industrial processes.

As a leading manufacturer of rugged and internationally certified computers and displays, Comark brings an impeccable track record and more than 40 years of engineering expertise to the production of off-the-shelf and custom engineered rugged panel PC equipment. Comark machines are designed for a wide variety of applications in industrial automation, building automation and fire & life safety applications.

The components of a rugged panel PC

Rugged panel PCs and displays are built with ruggedized components and technologies that enable them to withstand the extreme hot and cold temperatures as well as the shock and vibration that are often found in industrial settings.

To provide superior performance despite high and low temperatures, a rugged panel mount PC uses components that are unaffected by temperatures that may range from below freezing to 50°C and higher.

To mitigate the impact of shock, rugged panel PCs are housed in strong enclosures and are built with special cables and mounting designs that won't be dislodged by strong vibration.

Rugged panel PCs may also be constructed with non-corrosive materials and coatings that protect the equipment from humidity, and a waterproof panel PC may be encased in housing that completely prevents water ingress.

A panel PC with fanless cooling provides superior performance without the risk of exposing the computer and its electronics to dust and other particulates that can be sucked in by a fan. And the screen of a rugged panel PC may be as much as 50% brighter than consumer-grade electronics to enable viewing in direct sunlight or under the bright lights of industrial operations.

Industrial Panel PC Solutions

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Rugged panel PCs from Comark

Comark manufactures highly reliable rugged panel PCs and displays that are designed to deliver reliable performance in settings where other machines fail. Having installed hundreds of thousands of computer systems around the world, we are experts at delivering rugged computing power for mission-critical automation and control applications in the harshest environments, and at achieving superior performance and reliability that can improve uptime and reduce total cost of ownership.

Our rugged panel PCs are pre-engineered, configurable solutions that have been tested for safety in the harshest environment we know: our own lab. With a culture of continuous improvement, our ruggedized equipment benefits from our continuous search for new processes, testing capabilities and employee training that can help us exceed the expectations of our customers.

Rugged PCs for a broad range of applications

Our wide variety of rugged panel PCs include:

  • IECEx-certified panel PCs. These rugged computers come in screen sizes from 12" to 19" with analog resistive touch screens and Intel® 6th generation embedded processors. Our IECEx-certified panel PCs can also be ordered in fanless models with Intel® Dual Core ATOM N2800 processors. Both versions are IECEx and ATEX Zone 2/22 approved when installed in an ATEX approved enclosure.
  • Class 1 Div 2 panel PC touch screen computers. Our Nematron brand IPC series and IPC fanless computers can also be manufactured to meet the requirements for certifications for a range of UL and cUL Hazardous Locations. Additionally, our IPC Plus Series features rugged panel PCs with PCI/PCIe expansion slots and optional keypads.
  • Industrial automation Thin Clients. We offer ThinManager-ready Thin Client Hardware with 15" and 19" screens that are configured for booting to a network via ThinManager protocol only, rather than as stand-alone PCs.
  • Industrial and heavy industrial panel PCs. Our ePC II Fanless series comes in screen sizes from 7" to 21" and standard 4:3 and widescreen formats. Our ePC-Lite Fanless Series is a lower-cost line of industrial PCs for settings where a full offering of traditional features is not necessary. And our EnduraTouch II Enclosed Computer comes with a NEMA 4/4X, IP66 rating and is fully enclosed in a stainless steel enclosure.

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With Comark PCs, trust is built in

Comark rugged panel PCs offer the highest levels of quality and reliability in the industry, serving the needs of our customers today and for many years to come. With Comark PCs, you can rely on:

  • A long product life cycle with an available upgrade path that ensures your investment will meet your long-term needs.
  • Best-in-class lead times, the achievement of a team that is dedicated to working around the clock to meet our customers' mission-critical deadlines.
  • A technology partner – rather than just a vendor – that features teams of engineers who are invested both in the performance of our products and in the long-term success of our customers.
  • Exceptional reliability from machines that are constructed to meet and exceed expectations and to deliver superior performance where are competitors PCs cannot.

FAQs: what is a rugged panel PC?

A panel PC is a computer that combines the electronics of a computer and a monitor in a single flat panel enclosure. A rugged panel PC is an industrial touch screen panel computer that is built with components that allow it to provide superior performance in the harsh conditions of industrial and manufacturing environments.

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A rugged panel PC enables workers in challenging industrial environments to have computing power at their fingertips throughout the day. Rugged components and protective housing enable rugged panel PCs to withstand extreme temperatures, shock and vibration as well as the presence of water, dirt and dust in the workspace. Rugged panel PC also offers a thin footprint, enabling it to be integrated more easily into a variety of locations within an industrial setting or to be mounted on machines and vehicles.

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