A waterproof monitor enables computing in harsh environments

A waterproof monitor is an essential technology for outdoor work, marine settings and damp industrial environments. Able to withstand harsh weather conditions and direct water spray, a waterproof monitor enables industrial and fieldworkers to stay productive and connected while keeping electronics safe from water hazards.

As a trusted provider of highly reliable and rugged computers and industrial display solutions. Comark provides waterproof monitors that deliver superior performance, rugged reliability and a long product lifecycle for companies in a broad range of industries around the world.

Components of a waterproof monitor

A waterproof monitor is typically housed in a water-resistant enclosure that may provide protection from occasional water spray or rain to a high-pressure power wash. A waterproof monitor usually requires touchscreen capability, enabling users to interact with the device through a protective glass covering.

Because waterproof monitors are used in the harsh conditions of industrial settings, they are made with rugged components that withstand temperature extremes that range from below freezing to 50°C and above. These industrial panel displays must also be constructed with protective housing and shock-resistant components that can absorb the powerful vibrations of industrial and marine settings. And noncorrosive elements such as coated surfaces and plated connections help to prevent corrosion and rust.

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Waterproof monitors from Comark

Comark is a leading manufacturer of highly reliable, ruggedized computers and industrial touchscreen displays for customers who need their technology to work in the harshest environments around the world. Designed for mission-critical industrial automation, building automation, military and marine environments, our equipment features innovative designs, unparalleled reliability, long product lifecycles and engineering excellence that results in superior performance and durability.

In waterproof monitors, we provide marine displays in a range of sizes, from 15" to 55", that are built to withstand the challenging conditions of marine settings and other damp environments. Our off-the-shelf rugged LCD display solutions are tailored to meet and exceed the specifications and testing requirements of wet environments, and we custom engineer solutions when our wide selection of standard products does not meet our customers' exact needs.

A choice of waterproof monitors

Waterproof monitor options from Comark include:

  • The MDU55, a 55" marine display with a projected capacitive touchscreen, protection from humidity at 95% per MIL-STD-810F and certifications that include PER MIL-STD-461F.
  • The MDU42, a 42" marine display with a infrared touchscreen (and options for other touchscreen technologies) and certifications that include NEMA12 and MIL 901, 167, 461, and 810.
  • The MDU23, a 23" marine display with an optional infrared touchscreen and a NEMA 4 front bezel.
  • The MDU20, a 20" marine display with an optional resistive touchscreen and a NEMA 4 front bezel actively cooled with fans.
  • The MDU19, a 19" marine display with touchscreen options, an enclosure rating up to IP65 Full and protected from humidity at 95% per MIL-STD-810F, Method 507.4.
  • The MDU15, a 15" marine display with resistive or projected capacitive touchscreen options, an IP65 enclosure and certifications for MIL-STD-810F, Method 506.4 Rain, Procedure III Drip.
  • The MDU12, a 12.1" marine display with a ruggedized resistive touchscreen, an IP65 front bezel and certification for MIL-STD-810F, Method 506.4 Rain, Procedure III Drip.

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The #1 reason that customers choose Comark: trust in our computer and industrial touch screen display products. For four decades, we have built our reputation and our business on producing highly reliable computers and displays that our customers can rely on for superior performance in challenging conditions. Our customers also trust us to provide value as a partner who is continually looking for ways to help them better achieve their business objectives. And our guaranteed 5-year minimum product lifecycle and our dedicated customer service team enable our customers to trust that they'll be able to rely on our equipment for years to come.

FAQs: what is a waterproof monitor?

A waterproof monitor is an industrial computer monitor that can continue to function in wet or damp conditions that may range from high humidity and occasional water spray to exposure to water from high-pressure jets.

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A waterproof monitor is frequently used in marine settings as well as industrial applications such as food and beverage production. Protecting the monitor from exposure to humidity and water not only allows the equipment to continue working in harsh and wet conditions, but enables workers in these settings to have a computer interface at their fingertips, improving productivity and efficiency.

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