Steps to Migrate from Win 7 to Win 10

By June 21, 2021Product News

Microsoft has ended support for Windows 7, which was released a decade ago, and extended security updates will end in 2023*. Microsoft advises IoT devices be migrated to Windows 10.

The Comark Customer Success Team is reaching out to clients to provide some background on this migration.

Windows 10, which will be supported until 2028, has:

  • Improved security over Windows 7, continued use of which Microsoft advises can put users at greater risk of security breaches**, which is of particular concern during the current spate of ransomware attacks at Colonial Pipeline, JBS, and others.
  • Improved manageability, and performance features, such as support for like machine learning and built-in cloud readiness.
  • Next generation Embedded Enabling Features, which give more flexibility for locking down dedicated devices.

However, Windows 10 requires 256MB RAM and at least 2GB of storage.

  • Most Comark edge devices designed for Windows 7 have a configuration that can also support Windows 10. For those products that do not, some level of redesign will be required to allow Windows 10 to be installed and, beyond that, to take full advantage of its new capabilities and security.

If you have questions on migrating your existing Comark edge device to Windows 10, please reach out to your account representative.

If you would like a quote on the cost of upgrading your hardware for Windows 10 and adding support for machine learning/artificial intelligence, 5G, or other emerging technology, please send us your needs in our Quote Request form.


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