Tips to improve IoT security on your network

By May 17, 2018Product News

Judging by all the media attention that The Internet of Things (or IoT) gets these days, you would think that the world was firmly in the grip of a physical and digital transformation. The truth, though, is that we all are still in the early days of the IoT.The analyst firm Gartner, for example, puts the number of Internet connected “things” at just 8.4 billion in 2017 – counting both consumer and business applications. That’s a big number, yes, but much smaller number than the “50 billion devices” or “hundreds of billions of devices” figures that get bandied about in the press.Of course, the fact that the full promise of the Internet of Things awaits in the distant future, or that there are only 10s of billions of connected devices and not scores of billions of them doesn’t change the reality for you, which is that the Internet of Things already poses a security threat to your organization.Where does the networking professional worried about Internet of Things based threats start? Here are a few thoughts to consider as you plan your organization’s response:

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