Transforming Organizations Through

Custom-Engineered, Ruggedized Edge Devices

Transforming Organizations
Through Ruggedized Edge Computing

Since 1974, Comark has been on the leading edge of custom-engineered, ruggedized edge hardware. Today, it is one of the largest independent providers of custom-engineered, ruggedized edge computing and display solutions in the world. Clients include household commercial brands, government agencies, and national militaries – all of whom rely on Comark for mission-critical edge infrastructure solutions. With millions of units deployed across the globe, transforming organizations with data on the edge, Comark solutions have “Trust Built In”SM.
From internal configurations to custom mounts, the Comark team can custom engineer all elements of client edge hardware solutions. Comark is able to quickly deliver unique designs for unique client needs by building on a strong foundation of base components and patented elements that were developed over the last 40+ years to address the most common use cases the team has encountered.

Comark offers a wide selection of custom engineered edge components for Aerospace & Defense, Fire & Life Safety, and Industrial Automation. Our products include ruggedized mobile devices, edge node and panel computers, ruggedized displays, and edge servers and storage devices.

Design Process

Comark uses a cross-functional, gated solution design process to ensure that client requirements are completely met. Participants from across the organization are involved, from manufacturing to technical support. Because of this, Comark’s design process provides a great deal of value to clients, including:
  • Faster time to deployment
  • Lower costs from reduced testing and manufacturing
  • Increased yield due to better quality
  • Longevity of design due to improved quality and tech support preparation
  • More transparency for the client
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In-House Manufacturing and Testing

Comark’s innovative edge solutions are manufactured in-house at U.S.-based facilities. To be assured that each will operate reliably in the most challenging environments, Comark also maintains an in-house environmental testing laboratory that is supplemented by outside resources as required. And all our procedures are documented and repeatable because Comark is certified to ISO 9001:2015. Thanks to the high level of attention to detail at Comark, we have one of the lowest warranty failure rates in the industry.

Common Use Cases

  • Ruggedized in-field computing
  • Ruggedized in-vehicle computing
  • Ruggedized, manned and un-manned vehicle control
  • Industrial supply chain & logistics automation
  • Facility security and automation

Commonly Requested Solutions

  • Ruggedized mobile devices
  • Ruggedized displays
  • Edge servers and storage devices
  • Ruggedized node and panel computers
  • Mobile data terminals
  • Ruggedized desktops and workstations

Industry Expertise

  • Aerospace/Defense
  • Building Safety & Automation
  • Food processing
  • Government
  • Healthcare/Life Sciences
  • Logistics & Transportation
  • Manufacturing
  • Police/Fire/EMS
  • Retail
  • Oil & Gas


Solutions certified to meet your requirements
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ITAR Compliant Registered Manufacturer
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NFPA 72/UL 864
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FCC Marking (U.S.), CE Marking (EU),
China Compulsory Certificate Marking

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UL61010 and UL62368

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IP65/66 NEMA
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ABS Type Approval (IEC 60945)
Comark is certified to ISO 9001:2015